Sunday, February 24, 2008


I fell asleep with my anteater toy in my mouth last night and Mom's thought it was sooo funny. I woke up to the bright lights of the paparazzi once again. Doesn't my nose scar make me look tough though?

Monday, February 18, 2008


My uncle Jo is in town from New Hampshire for a couple of weeks so Mom and I took him to Wildcat Canyon Sunday. I am feeling much better after my entanglement with the foxtail. Pine cones rule.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nose vs. Foxtail

The last few days I have been sneezing and rubbing my nose on anything I could find. I went to work with Mom so she could keep an eye on me while we waited for the blood tests from the vet to rule out some things. I felt like CRAP! We rushed back to the vet yesterday afternoon and this is what they pulled out of the inside of my precious nose. All of the vets,nurses and vet techs were amazed, they had never seen such a big branch of foxtails in any dog's nose. I had to go under anesthesia for the removal so I am still groggy today but the relief of getting that out of my nose is huge much like the foxtail itself. I am hoping that my nose doesn't scar where I scraped it from all of my scratching. Love,Neko

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bogart Humanitarian Handsome Devil

Bogart sent me thee most delicious treats ever. I have received so little mail in my few years, that was exciting enough and once I smelled it I almost chewed a hole in the envelope. The chicken strips are great, my Mom's stopped giving me chicken jerky because they searched and could not find any chicken jerky not made in China after the scare a few months ago about contamination.But glorious chicken was only a prelude to the heart, el corazon where have you been all of my life. Yum! My new favorite. Mom has been trying to get me to leave the kitchen where the jerky is on the counter but I figure if sit really good they will come back and feed me more. I am putting my face as close to the computer as I can to give Bogart a kiss. Bogart you are truly a humanitarian bringing treats and pine cones to those in need world wide. Thank You Thank You Thank You. Love,Neko

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Neko Cam and Extreme Close Ups

My uncles took me on day trips to Bolinas last weekend, I love the beach. My Moms are home,very busy and life is back to mostly boring. Maybe Moms will find something cool for me to do this weekend. Love,Neko