Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smile for the Camera Neko


The Airechicks said...

Neko - Riley:

Hope you guys had fun at the beach -

Thank you for stopping for the quick pic..

Looks like you guys like the water & sand.


Amber-Mae said...

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"Famous" Solid Gold Actress

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

Can I see a glimmer of a smile there.

ludo the cool dude.

Stanley said...

Sweet Neko!

You were playing hard to get there in that first photo. Glad you didn't hold out too long before letting that smile peek through. I'm guessing you and Riley are having a BLAST!

Goober love & smooches,

Kirby said...

He he Neko, I don't always like to smile at the camera either. I love to make mom do crazy things, she thinks the crazy things will make me smile. Ha!

Your pal,