Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stunt Double Neko part1

As many of you may have experienced the airline industry is incredibly speciest. It is because of this prejudice that Neko was unable to go to Florida to visit Grammy with her Moms. Neko stayed at Roma's house aka Camp Tomato. Filling in for Neko throughout the week was Stunt Double Neko.


Stanley said...

Stunt Double Neko looks like she travels pretty well, but doesn't seems as lively as the real thing. Just an observation. (Glad you tethered her to the canoe/kayak.)

Goob love,

Trekkin' with Tyler said...

Glad you girls made it home safe and sound...heard that your firepit didn't (yet)!! Little Mel was so glad that stunt double Neko could come to her 14th birthday party and can't wait to meet the real Neko!!! Love Suzan, Bette, and Little Mel